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OpenMandriva Lx 3 Beta1 released

Posted: 7 April 2016, 15:17
by rugyada
The announcement at OpenMandriva Blog:
This BETA1 release is the culmination of over a years effort and offers features that set it at the leading edge of software technology.
The use of the Clang/llvm compiler to generate the majority of the code combined with Link Time Optimisation (LTO) has created and operating system that is fast stable and efficient.

KDE Plasma 5 now runs under the Wayland graphical server which offers smooth and fast graphical rendering. This configuration is experimental.
The lightweight LXQt desktop is available when fewer resources are available. For those who wish to use a gtk based desktop xfce4 may also be installed.

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Re: OpenMandriva Lx 3 Beta1 released

Posted: 8 April 2016, 8:31
by astragalo
Good news!