Kick out of an Webdesighner and an Long time Web lived Man

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Kick out of an Webdesighner and an Long time Web lived Man

Post by blackcrack »


dear Fiends of Mandrake also like me .. but there it is goes something wrong..
No, not me, if you read this posts, no, think about why goes something wrong like it goes,
and start at start, who add the Members of the Associations..
It was not you Friends, the friends, and i mean the real Users and friends of the
Mandrake/Mandriva who have long jears used and helping build up the Mandrake and Mandriva !

I want ever.. only the best and want help building up the Mandriva who was get to the Community
and believe me, why i has get my real can do, it is to check out why and what and because ..
So i have start only as long year long used.. extended User of Mandrake .. and therewith an real Friend of Mandrake !
Therefor i was at start still and have not tell what i can at all.. to check out what's really behind and it is go realy to know what' goes on..

I know, you are really in work, deep in work and have no really interesting what's really goes on ..
You are want only.. to be Mandrake up again and works well.... and this in the Community..
i understand you very well ! I want it too/also .. but not with an President on an Association who have no clue about Leading, and Webdesighn and and and.. habd have get his self by all appearance , an higher and better Reputation as it is in real !
No, not freakin out now, think about and think about what it is the best ! For holding up our mandriva as distribution !
Because this it is what we whant hold up , the Open Mandriva, the Distriebution for the Community and not less the Community in the Association !

Think about, why-!!! Openmandriva Association ? and not Open Mandriva Community !!! btw Openmandriva Community or
Community Openmandriva, because.. it is the Community what Build up the Ex-Mandrake and nomore an Factory or an Association !

and don't forget this postings :

so, this is why i have speak open by BjoernVold, for uncover, what's goes wrong with this President ! and some persons..

best regards.. YOU Frend !

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